Meet Zuri

Husky Mix | 4 Years

Meet Javva

Domestic Shorthair | 12 Years


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Welcome to MCPAWS

Regional Animal Shelter

Located in McCall, Idaho

Welcome to MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter! Located in McCall, Idaho we are the ONLY nonprofit, no-kill animal welfare organization serving the West Central Mountain Region of Idaho.


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Meet Zuri

Husky Mix | 4 Years

Meet Javva

Domestic Shorthair |  12 Years

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Happy Tails: Artie Finds His Sanctuary

Stories that make our tails wag!

Here is an update on Artie, adopted in 2023:


As I pulled into the town of McCall on March 13th I was embarking on my exciting, new career as the new manager of Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary. Two weeks later, however, the heartbreaking decision had to be made to end the pain and suffering of my 14-year-old Black Lab mix, Otis. He experienced sudden internal bleeding from a ruptured mass. During his final walk outdoors, he made it abundantly clear that he was ready as he headed to the door to go back inside the ER. He laid down, placed his head on my shoulder, gave me his paw, and we said our final, heartfelt goodbyes.


In August, I was met with another heartache as Jasmine, my 14 ½-year-old Staffordshire mix, meandered towards me as I commented aloud, “Look how happy you are. Look at your big smile and happy tail.” She attempted to jump up in greeting when she instead cried out and collapsed at my feet, dying minutes later. I was devastated again.


Two or three weeks after losing Jasmine, I stopped at MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter. My job intertwines with regular visits. I was not ready for another dog, but while there, I asked if I could take a quick tour and meet the dogs in their care. My heart was touched by each of them, of course. One dog caught my eye again, and I asked about fostering. Maybe I could take him camping overnight? The next day, that dog, Artie, an Australian Shepherd mix, loaded into my car to go camping. It was too soon to allow him inside my home, but life had other plans. There was a minor family emergency that kept us from going camping that night. Artie proceeded to make himself comfortable in my home. He played with the toys left behind by Otis and Jasmine, bounced around on the couch, and slept by my side throughout the night. One night led to another, and so on, and so on, until I received a call from MCPAWS telling me someone was interested in him. While I was not ready to adopt another dog, I was less prepared to return Artie to the shelter. October 18th was the day it became official. Artie joined my family. It’s worth mentioning that there was a shift, as if he breathed a sigh of relief, knowing he now had a permanent, forever home.


Artie is an absolute love bug! He knows when you are about to go to bed and gets there before you, taking up your intended space or pouncing upon you with incredible enthusiasm, full of kisses and expectations of belly rubs. In the morning, he will wake, stretch, and crawl on top to greet you with his morning breath, more kisses, and great big hugs. Artie loves the water! He doesn’t swim but enjoys slapping the surface and barking at it as if someone else is responsible for splashing him in the face. He loves fetch and is learning to catch a frisbee because ‘agility’ is his middle name. Chewing toys is one of Artie’s favorite pastimes, especially if a squeaker is involved. He knows a few commands such as sit, stay, down, paw, in the back (when traveling in a vehicle), and out of the kitchen (extremely important as he is a counter surfer and garbage picker). The garbage can is placed high atop an armoire out of his reach. Nothing can be left on the kitchen counter or in the sink. Otherwise, it will be strewn about, consumed, or both.


As naughty as Artie can be, he is also a very good boy. When he’s good, he’s oh so good. When he’s bad, he’s exceptionally naughty. He melts my heart and makes me laugh out loud every day. I like to think Otis and Jasmine would approve. I’m still mourning them deeply. Oddly, he’s a mix of the two of them in many ways, with a streak of his own individual, silly personality. I could not be happier with the decision to adopt Artie. He takes up space in my heart, and I love him dearly.


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