A Letter of Appreciation

From Janet Houlihan, DVM, MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital

March 2023

Dear Friends,

It’s been three years since the merger of my clinic, Long Valley Veterinary Clinic with the Donnelly Veterinary Hospital which created a new entity: MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital. Taking two businesses and putting equipment, supplies and personnel together under one roof presented a myriad of challenges, especially during the pandemic! Admittedly, we have weathered some storms in the process of attempting to reach calm waters. I am very happy to share that from my perspective the veterinary hospital is finally experiencing smooth sailing! It is the nature of medicine that the overall operation can be unpredictable, but we seem to be entering a period of effective leadership, great employees, exceptional organization, and positive attitudes.

This letter is written to express my gratitude to the many faithful clients who have given us support during this transition time and to announce my intended retirement on May 1, 2023. It is with sincere appreciation that I leave the hospital in such capable hands. Dr. Jessi Ross is an incredibly skilled and caring veterinarian, with a special talent for surgery, diagnostics and getting the hospital organized. She is ably assisted by our new practice manager, Katie Venable, a certified veterinary technician who is stepping into the role of keeping things running smoothly. Our newest Client Care Specialists (aka receptionists) Mandy and Kelly, both have previous experience as veterinary assistant and bring a depth of knowledge and caring to the difficult job of answering your questions and scheduling the appointments for the hospital. Their cheerful presence is wonderful, especially on days that can get crazy! Somewhat behind the scenes, tirelessly working to assist and support all the medical and surgical procedures, are the veterinary technicians (aka nurses) and assistants, Bonnie, Tess, Jessica, and Jan. Their experience, knowledge and skills are much appreciated by all of us associated with the organization of MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital. Their sweet dedication does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Adding to this roster of employees is the much anticipated addition of another full time veterinarian starting in April and relief veterinarians joining us this spring.

A special deep felt thanks to the MCPAWS Director, Amber Kostoff, whose vision for our community of having a veterinary hospital to care for and benefit pets and the people who love them in our community is being realized.

Thank you from my heart for the many wonderful friendships, human and animal, I was privileged to experience, the trust and support you have given me during the 35 years I have been in practice here in this valley, and the pure joy to be living and working on such a magnificent home ground. I am looking forward with anticipation to this new phase of my life, especially knowing that I leave you in such loving and competent hands.

Blessings to all my furry and non-furry friends!

Janet Houlihan DVM, graduate of Colorado State University Class of 1977.

Welcome to the MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital

Located in McCall, Idaho

MCPAWS purchased the Donnelly Veterinary Hospital (DVH) and Long Valley Veterinary Clinic (LVVC) in February 2020. These two practices have been merged into one full-service, MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital, operating out of the Donnelly location: 8 Coho Lane. Similar to the MCPAWS Thrift Store, all net proceeds from the vet hospital will be used to fund operations and programs at the shelter.

There are several reasons why this is the right move for MCPAWS:

    • Expansion of existing programs. Adoption services alone will not address the pet overpopulation problem. The MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital will increase our capacity to offer vital owner support services, like low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, in a comprehensive manner, assuring the need is met and the number of unwanted litters in our community is greatly reduced.
    • Offer quality veterinary services for our community. The veterinarians that owned/operated LVVC and DVH wanted to retire. Should either of these veterinarians have decided to liquidate their business, our immediate area would be left without veterinary services. This opportunity allows MCPAWS to assure that local pet owners never find themselves without access to quality vet care for their beloved pets.
    • We are ready to take on this challenge. Thanks to our fantastic staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, donors, and our amazingly supportive community, MCPAWS is in a great position to take advantage of this new opportunity. We’ve engaged with legal professionals to ensure our nonprofit status is secure. Dr. Jessi Ross took over the role of director of veterinary services in 2022 and she, along with her excellent team, has ensured that the legacy of excellent, compassionate care for our clients has continued!

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MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter
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MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital
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