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Sponsor a Shelter Animal Today!

Help provide care for the animals at MCPAWS by becoming an animal sponsor! These sponsorships help us provide food, veterinary care, enrichment and lots of love and care for the animal you sponsor!

As a thank you, MCPAWS will list your name on the Sponsor an Animal webpage for the length of time corresponding to your sponsorship level. With your permission, we will also make a monthly social media post thanking the new sponsors for that month.

If you are a business owner and would like to be a sponsor, as a thank you, we will list your logo on our website for a year and include you in our social media post for the month your donation is received. You will also receive a lifetime membership to be a part of the Waggin Trail. 

To see the impact of your sponsorship, we’ll update the Sponsor an Animal page and the adoptable animals page on our website. Follow along on social media where we will also post about animals that have been adopted that month. 

Looking to make a very special gift?

Become a Lifetime Kennel Sponsor with a $1000, $3000, or $5000 donation and earn a permanent place of honor at the shelter! We’ll recognize your gift with an engraved food dish, personalized to honor your gift in any way you choose!

Special thank you to all of our current animal sponsors!

2024 Lifetime Sponsors

Gold ($5,000+)

Kimberly Apperson in Memory of Sara Baugh Mehen

Silver ($3,000+)

Pam Hampton, Anne Halstead, & Merlene Mitchell (The Watson Trust):

In Memory of John and Becky Watson

Bronze ($1,000+)

Audrey and David Hammer: Thank you Anne Greer for an amazing experience on the Middle Fork!

Monthly Sponsors

Jami Dawn Powell

Casey Osborne

Natalie Keplinger

Darby Rousseau

Roberta Hare

1 Year Sponsors

Lauren Warboy

Charles and Barbara Wright: Cat Sponsorship

Cynthia Vallar: Cat Sponsorship in honor of Finlay and Barney

Ron & Diane Plastino Graves

6 Month Sponsors

   Roberta Pershing: Cat Sponsorship In memory of Clair Pitron

Roberta Pershing: Dog Sponsorship In memory of Clair Pitron

Barb and Charlie Wright: In honor of Coco

Doug Kempe: Dog Sponsorship

Marlene Boone-Clark: In Memory of Cody

Kate Strum in honor of Ben & Tizzy Bruno for Valentine’s Day

Julie Preston in honor of Sophie and Echo

Business Sponsors

Be our first business sponsor of 2024!

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