MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital

It’s true! MCPAWS has opened a full service, public veterinary hospital!  We have purchased the Donnelly Veterinary Hospital (DVH) and Long Valley Veterinary Clinic (LVVC). These two practices have been merged into one full-service, MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital, operating out of the Donnelly location: 8 Coho Lane. Similar to the MCPAWS Thrift Store, all net proceeds from the vet hospital will be used to fund operations and programs at the shelter. There are several reasons why this is the right move for MCPAWS:

    • Expansion of existing programs. Adoption services alone will not address the pet overpopulation problem. The MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital will increase our capacity to offer vital owner support services, like low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, in a comprehensive manner, assuring the need is met and the number of unwanted litters in our community is greatly reduced.
    • Offer quality veterinary services for our community. The veterinarians that own/operate LVVC and DVH would like to retire. Should either of these veterinarians choose to liquidate their business, our immediate area would be left without veterinary services. This opportunity allows MCPAWS to assure that local pet owners never find themselves without access to quality vet care for their beloved pets.
    • We are ready to take on this challenge. Thanks to our fantastic staff, volunteers, Board of Directors, donors, and our amazingly supportive community, MCPAWS is in a great position to take advantage of this new opportunity. We’ve engaged with legal professionals to ensure our nonprofit status is secure, Dr. Houlihan and Dr. Jacques are supportive of our efforts, and we’re actively working toward hiring new veterinarians that will continue the legacy of excellent, compassionate care for our clients.

After careful consideration, we know that expanding into the veterinary services field is the right thing for MCPAWS. But, like any big change, this expansion does not come without risk. We are counting on your continued support, throughout this transition, and into the future. To answer your very first question – YES! during this transition Dr. Jacques, Dr. Houlihan, and Dr. Koepke and the staff  will continue seeing patients at the MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital at 8 Coho Lane. For any additional questions, please see Frequently Asked Questions below for more information. Still have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any of our locations!

MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital

8 Coho Lane

McCall, ID 83638

(208) 325-4510

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital Located? MVH is located at 8 Coho Lane in Donnelly (the location of the former Donnelly Veterinary Hospital).

How do I make an appointment? To make an appointment at MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital please call (208) 325-4510. 

Are there going to be new vets? Eventually. We are currently in the process of recruiting new veterinarians to take over the practice so that Dr. Jacques and Dr. Houlihan can retire.  But, for now, you will continue to see your regular vet.

Will you offer the same services? Yes. We will continue to operate as a full-service veterinary hospital open to the public.

Where does the money go? All net proceeds will be used to fund operations at MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter – exactly how the funds from the MCPAWS Thrift Store are used. This additional revenue will allow us to create new programs, expand existing services and programs, and better serve pets and pet owners throughout our region.

Won’t this affect your nonprofit status?  Nope. Offering veterinary services falls well within the scope of our mission. Even though we will be offering full price veterinary services to the public, because all net proceeds will be used to fund the shelters tax-exempt operations and programs our nonprofit status is protected.

Will you be open weekends? Not yet. The plan is to extend our hours as soon as we are fully staffed. Regular hours on both Saturday and Sundays are in the long-term plan, but we are not sure how long-term that plan is quite yet! Stay tuned for more information.

Will you offer after hours, emergency services? Maybe. We acknowledge that there is a critical need for emergency veterinary services in our community. Our goal is to work with our staff to create a plan to address this need as quickly as we are able. We will offer more information regarding our plans as it becomes available.

Will you have boarding? No. Unfortunately, we will not be offering boarding services at this time. We need to focus on the main goal of MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital – maintaining excellent, full-service veterinary care for the community, providing exceptional veterinary care for every shelter animal, and expanding spay/neuter services for pets belonging to income-qualifying members of the community.

Will your fees be discounted because you are a nonprofit? No. The MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital is a full-service, full-price veterinary practice. We will continue to offer all services, treatments, surgeries, etc that you would have received at either Long Valley Vet Clinic or Donnelly Veterinary Hospital. We will be offering low-cost services for pets belonging to income-qualifying members of our community. There will be more information to come on this program, but for now, give us a call at the shelter to learn more: 208-634-DOGS.


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MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter
831 S. 3rd St (PO Box 1375)
McCall, ID 83638

Shelter Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 11:30am to 6pm
Sunday: 1:00pm to 6:00pm

By appointment only. 

Please call (208) 634-3647 to schedule an appointment!