Gracie's Fund

There is now a pay-it-forward fund at the MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital.

This fund is to help provide financial support to those who can not afford the medical services needed for their pets.

This fund was established in loving memory of Gracie. Gracie’s life began in 2008 on a farm near Portland Oregon. She and her seven siblings were badly abused by their owner, using them as target practice with BB guns. Portland Animal Rescue removed all seven puppies from that farm and put them up for adoption.

Gracie and one of her brothers were adopted when they were five months old. They were terrified of people and it took a month to get near them. Over time they developed trust and began enjoying their active lives; hiking, biking, kayaking and snowmobiling among other fun things. Gracie was diagnosed with abdominal lymphoma at age six. She underwent surgery and five months of chemotherapy. Throughout her treatment she never missed her three mile bike rides, her meals and treats (she loved treats!) and she handled chemo very well. She loved her happy active life style until a return of her cancer at age 11, this time in her lungs. She did not tolerate chemo well at her advanced age so we decided to let her live out her life as long as she was happy and enjoying herself.

She lived another ten happy, active, comfortable months thanks to the help of her great veterinarians at MCPAWS Veterinary Hospital. Gracie lost her battle with cancer on August 15th 2020. She died peacefully at home, surrounded by her family and in her mama’s arms.

“Gracie benefited from great medical care and we were fortunate to be able to provide that for her. Gracie’s fund is established in Gracie’s memory so that other animals needing medical treatment may receive it. This is Gracie’s legacy…”

– Gracie’s mom


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