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Prefer to mail-in your donation? No problem! Simply CLICK HERE to print out a donation form,  complete and mail it to MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter, PO Box 1375, McCall, ID 83638

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Express sympathy for the loss of a person or pet, honor someone special in your life, or choose a meaningful gift for a friend or family member with a memorial or tribute gift. Memorial and tribute gifts can be made in person, at the shelter or online. Acknowledgments will be sent to the family members. 

When making a memorial or tribute gift, be sure to include the name of the person or pet being honored and their mailing address. For a memorial gift, please include the names and addresses of anyone who should be notified about the gift. DONATE ONLINE or CLICK HERE to download a form for your memorial or tribute gift.

Sponsor a Cat or Dog Program

Every sponsor, or the individual you give the gift in honor of, will receive an email with information about and a photo of the animal you are sponsoring. When that animal is adopted, you will be notified and receive information about the new dog or cat who has taken their place.

Visit the shelter to see the sponsorship card with your name, or the name of the person you are honoring, displayed on the kennel door of your sponsored animal. Starting at just $25 for a one month sponsorship, $75 for six months, or $125 for a year, or $1000 for a lifetime sponsorship, your donation will help to pay for the animal’s food and medical expenses.
CLICK HERE to download a sponsorship form, complete and mail to MCPAWS.