What is the Community Outreach Fund?

In 2017, MCPAWS provided 121 low or no-cost spay/neuter surgeries to the pets of low income community members. That number increased from 53 low or no-cost spay/neuter surgeries in 2016. These surgeries were funded through grants and private donations to the Community Outreach Fund. 


The Community Outreach Fund will primarily cover free, or very low-cost, spay/neuter surgeries to qualifying members of our community as well as to un-owned, free-roaming cats. Additionally, we will provide financial assistance to qualifying individuals to obtain emergency veterinary care, vaccinations, and wellness exams from local veterinary clinics.


Why should I donate to the Community Outreach Fund? 

By helping individuals and animals get the services they need, we can provide relief to people who may otherwise need to relinquish their pets to MCPAWS. An active spay/neuter program can also reduce the number of stray cats and kittens coming to the shelter. This will lead to a lower number of animals we receive as both owner surrender and stray, reducing our overall operating costs, opening more kennel space to transfer animals in from overcrowded shelters, and allowing MCPAWS to ultimately save even more lives.


By donating to the Community Outreach Fund you will be helping more than just MCPAWS. You will be helping cats and dogs already in loving homes stay there, you will be helping us reduce the number of unwanted litters from free-roaming cats, and you will be helping MCPAWS make our region a safer and more humane place for companion animals! 


To make a donation to the Community Outreach Fund, please visit our DONATION PAGE, and include an additional comment: "Community Outreach Fund." We will be sure to count your contribution toward this fund.