How is MCPAWS Thrift Store responding to COVID-19?

Information on COVID-19 Response at MCPAWS Thrift Store: updated 12/7/2020


All employees temps are tested upon arriving at work.

All employees will practice safe COVID sanitation by wearing masks in the store and outside with donors and regularly washing their hands and cleaning their work surface.

Employees that have direct contact with a COVID positive individual must get a negative test result in 48 hours or quarantine for two weeks without pay.  Time spent while quarantined and awaiting a result will be compensated.

Employees that test positive for COVID will be required to quarantine and may not return to work until a negative test result can be provided.  Employees will be paid for two weeks during this period.

If an employee tests positive for the Corona virus, all employees must get a test.  The thrift store will close until at least two employees (one must be a supervisor) can obtain a negative test result.  If only two people can return, the back of the store will be closed.  Once three employees can return donations can reopen. 

Employees that travel out of state will be required to obtain a negative test result.

Employees are reminded that their behaviors can endanger the health of their coworkers and the public.  Employees who directly disobey state/county sanctions can be written up for insubordinations and subject to dismal.


All common surfaces in the front of the store will be disinfected hourly.  This includes register area, kennel handles, as well as front and back door.

Common surfaces and bathroom area are to be disinfected daily.


All customers are required to wear face coverings and encouraged to sanitize hands upon entering. 

No more than ten customers in the store at one time.

Customers are encouraged to give each other personal space.

Note: The Thrift Store will not close to the public unless:

  • An employee tests positive
  • The Governor makes a statement to close nonessential businesses
  • St Luke’s in McCall informs citizens that beds/ventilators are filling up and all non essential business cease
  • Or any other reason deemed pertinent by the Board of Directors and Executive Director and Store Manager

(in which case employees will be compensated for up to two weeks.)



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