Lost Your Cat or Dog?

First check the places where you last saw your pet, and all the places they may run to look for fun.  Ask any person you see along the way, as they may know which direction your pet went.

If there’s no sign of your pet:

     Call MCPAWS 208.634.3647 to see if your pet has been brought in as a stray or impounded by the police.  After hours, leave a message with a description of your pet and your phone number. You will receive a response the next business day. In case of an emergency, call your veterinarian and your local police department.

     Call the McCall Police Department at 208.634.7144 or Valley County Dispatch at 208.382.5160 and let them know your pet is missing. Stray animals in Valley County will likely be brought to MCPAWS.

     Contact your local veterinary offices. Sometimes people who find stray pets will take them to the nearest veterinarian.

     Create posters and distribute them around town and near where your pet was lost.

      Post a picture of your pet and your contact information on your Facebook page, as well as on MCPAWS’ Facebook page.


Lost Pet Resources

      CLICK HERE to view tips for finding your lost dog

      CLICK HERE to view tips for finding your lost cat

      CLICK HERE to create a lost pet poster


Return to Owner Fees

If a pet is returned to the owner the same day it is brought in and:

      is already microchipped, there is no fee the first time.

      is not microchipped, there is a $30 fee, which includes a free and optional microchip.

      after the first day, there is a $10 boarding fee for each day all pets stay at MCPAWS before being returned to their owners.

     fees can increase for multiple visits.