Community Spay and Neuter Services

This program, funded primarily through a generous grant from the Albert Schweitzer Animal Welfare Fund and private donations to our Community Outreach Fund, provides no-cost spay and neuter surgeries for pets belonging to income qualifying members of our community. Basic vaccinations ($10) and microchipping ($15) can also be obtained at a reduced cost. This program is specifically designed to reduce financial barriers that families may encounter when attempting to provide their pets with basic veterinary care. Proof of low-income status must be presented in order to obtain these services.


Community Clinics are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month. We begin accepting appointments at 11:30am two weeks before the upcoming clinic (call for exact details). Space is limited and clinics fill up fast so plan ahead! All free-roaming, outdoor cats (typically referred to as feral) qualify for surgery. If you or someone you know needs assistance in obtaining spay/neuter services for one (or several!) of these cats, MCPAWS can help! 


    For more information and how you can obtain veterinary services for your pet, or to schedule an appointment, please call the shelter 208.634.3647 . 

Feral Cat Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) Program

Are you caring for a colony of feral cats? Give us a call to hear about our TNR Program at MCPAWS. We will lend you traps, help with transportation, and spay/neuter feral cats and kittens are re-release them back to your colony free of charge. This program is designed to reduce the feral cat population over time in our community. We will provide you with everything you need at no cost to you. 

    Call 208.634.3647 for more information. 

Pet Food Bank

We offer free pet food to low-income community members. If you need pet food, please come by. If you would like to help, we are always accepting food donations for the Pet Food Bank.



Microchipping helps animal shelters, veterinarians and other rescue groups identify lost pets in the event they are found without other ID tags.  

All MCPAWS animals are microchipped for free before they leave the shelter with their new families.

We offer microchipping services for any community cat or dog for $15. 

    Call 208.634.3647 to schedule an appointment. 


Engraved Pet Identification Tags

An up to date ID tag is essential for ensuring that your lost animal is returned to you as quickly as possible. All MCPAWS adopted animals, and any community animals who are at MCPAWS for a service are provided with an engraved Pet ID tag for free. Anyone can come to MCPAWS and have a tag made for a $5 donation with no appointment necessary. The tag can fit up to four lines of information, which can include name, several phone numbers, and address.


Training & Behavior

Having training or behavior problems? Does your kitty refuse to potty in her litter box? Does your dog likes to chew on the couch? MCPAWS staff members know many easy-to-apply training tips and tricks. Feel free to call the shelter and ask for assistance at any time. If we cannot solve your dilemma, you will be pointed in the direction of someone who can. There are solutions to your problems.  Please exhaust all resources before you decide to surrender your beloved family pet.

    Call 208.634.3647 to speak to our manager.


Zamzow's Pet Food

We are the only Valley County location that carries a wide range of Zamzow’s dog and cat food. Stop by anytime we are open to purchase your high quality pet food.