Meet Jagger

Jagger came to MCPAWS as an owner surrender. We immediately noticed he had lost a lot of hair and had some sort of skin condition. Jagger is on special food and is starting to grow hair again. Boy, is he growing into his ears, too. They’ll be standing up straight like a Shepherd’s ears in no time.


Thanks to a foster family, Jagger has spent some time outside of the shelter. His foster family gave us the rundown with the following detailed notes:


“Jagger is such a sweet, smart and overall fabulous dog! Such a lovely soul. He is very calm indoors and enjoys playing with squeeky toys and being close. He has good manners overall is house broken and has learned house rules without any real redirection after first ah ah. There are some really cute things about him that make him extra endearing. He does this low grumble sigh when he is happy or when he is resigned to being in kennel when we eat dinner. We love his “Jagger lip” and his name is so fitting. He roles his tongue when he barks.  He does not bark accept when he is communicating something or is warning. He absolutely loves the boys and even on walks is very attracted to kids. He is a big strong dog so we recommend working on leash training.  He is picking that up quickly and does want to please overall.  He food motivated which makes him highly trainable and he enjoys it. He will sit to put leash on and off and understands wait.  He loves his kennel and is fine being locked in at night.  Not aggressive at all to new people and warms up quickly.  He wants to say hi to everyone on walks.”

Jagger is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccines. Schedule an adoption appointment to meet him today by calling us at (208) 634-3647 or email!

Breed: German Shepherd

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Male

Color: Brown and Black

Weight: 70 lbs.






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