Thank you everyone for making the 2017 Monster Dog Pull a huge success! We would like to thank Alpine Village for providing such a perfect venue, Mountain Java for donating coffee and hot chocolate, and all of our wonderful volunteers for being so awesome!  


2017 MCPAWS Monster Dog Pull Results

Here are the results from the 2017 McCall Winter Carnival MCPAWS Monster Dog Pull held on Sunday at Alpine Village.  Names of dogs are listed first, followed by owner’s name and hometown.

Class 1 (0-20 pounds)

1. Billy, Bernard Kindall, McCall.  2. Daisy, Lindsey King, McCall.  3. Maybelleine, Anna Lowell, hometown not available.

Class 2 (21-40 pounds)

1. Pistol, Emma Blanthon, hometown not available.  2. Cece, Allie and Shawn, Meridian.  3. Spazz, Krystee Slettum, New Meadows.

Class 3 (41-60 pounds)

1. Mars, Liz Nevills, Middleton.  2. Luna, Dave Nagoda, McCall.  3. Odin, Doug Marolf, McCall.

Class 4 (61-80 pounds)

1. Teeko, Theresa Waybright, Nampa.  2. Quinn, Brian Vandendries, Boise.  3. Yogi, John Corcoran and Mary McAlonie, McCall.

Class 5 (81-100 pounds)

1. Kennedy, Sarah Leonhardt, Boise.  2. Wyatt, Kirsten and Eric Dentsch, Boise.  3. Hudson, John and Suzanne Gebhards, McCall.

Class 6 (over 100 pounds)

1. Rebel, Trevor and Sara Bonfiglio, Fruitland.  2. Gordie, Megan Impson, Boise.  3. Bella, Ken and Laura, Boise. 


January 29, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The first Sunday of Winter Carnival
Alpine Village,  McCall Monster Dog Pull


Join us for the most dog-gone fun event of Winter Carnival! Dogs will race on

a short track while pulling a weighted sled.  Dogs compete in different weight classes for Top Dog! The top three from each weight class get a prize. This event is just for fun, so no experience is necessary. All equipment is provided. 


Want to race? Registration is just $15 per dog. The dog will need to be weighed at the time of registration, so be sure to bring your pooch! 


Same day registration will be available on Sunday at Alpine Village from 10:45am-12:30pm.  Races end at 1pm. 


Want to watch? This is a very fun event for spectators. Please keep in mind that spots up front get the best view, so be kind and rotate out so other folks get a chance to see. 


Please PAWS for a resounding round of applause from MCPAWS to our community for your involvement in and support at the 2016 Monster Dog Pull and the Winter Carnival Parade.


Our gratitude goes to:

- Alpine Village for offering the perfect venue as host for Monster Dog Pull

- McCall Pet Outfitters & Supply for donating prizes in the prize bags

- Gary Ertter Photography for fantastic action shots of racers and spectators

- Our wonderful volunteers for helping make this event a success!


None of these events would be possible without our amazing MCPAWS Volunteers. Countless hours were spent planning and working at the events. MCPAWS Volunteers make a difference at the shelter every day and in so many ways. We are very grateful for you!


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Monster Dog Pull

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