Idaho Gives


May 3rd, 2018


Idaho Gives is a one-day online giving blitz. It is about philanthropy, ‘friendraising’ and much more. Idaho Gives is about coming together to support the charitable nonprofits that make our state so extraordinary. On May 3, 2018 make a contribution to MCPAWS! 


There will be prizes for the most unique donors, so please share with your friends and family! 


To make a donation for Idaho Gives, please visit:

2017 Award Pool Details


General Information

Participating nonprofits will be eligible for Golden Ticket drawings, Leaderboard Prizes, along with a few other incentives listed below! Only donations made online during the 24 hour period on May 4, 2017 from 12:00AM - 11:59PM MST are eligible to win bonus prize money.

No organization may win more than one prize in the same category (i.e., you cannot win more than one Golden Ticket, etc.). If this occurs, the next organization who is eligible will be awarded the prize. You are still eligible for the Leaderboard prize, first donation prize and the matching funds 5X5 random drawing.

Leaderboard Prizes

Participating nonprofits will be divided into one of three groups, based on operating expenses. In each group, leaderboard prizes will be given to the top ten (10) places. Ranking will be based on the number of unique donors during Idaho Gives. The leaderboards will be updated throughout the day, so keep your eyes on the leaders from start to finish.

Golden Ticket Awards

Random Golden Ticket drawings will be held hourly throughout the day, starting with a drawing at 7:00am for donations received from 12:01am to 6:59am. The donor who made the donation will be announced and the nonprofit recipient of that donation will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

During certain hours of the day, a “5x5” Golden Ticket drawing will occur. Instead of one $1,000 prize, there will be 5 prizes of $500 each, which are regionally based, with one going to each region. Check the Idaho Gives website for hourly announcements of the winners.

First Donation Prize

There will be a $500 prize given to the nonprofit that receives the first donation after midnight MST on May 4th, 2017!


Matching Fund Prizes

There will be a regional 5X5 random drawing at the close of the giving period for all nonprofits who secured and earned their matching funds for Idaho Gives Day. For example, if your nonprofit secured a bonus $1000 matching donation if you raise $1000 during Idaho Gives, you are eligible for another $500 bonus donation! These will be randomly drawn for each region for a total of 5 when the 24 hour giving period closes at 11:59pm MST on May 4th.