Meet Lexi

This sweet thing is Lexi. Lexi is a 7-year-old Red Heeler who loves to play fetch, go for walks, play with her favorite toys, and relax in the shade with her friends. Lexi is not a fan of other dogs and will also need a cat-free home. Are you looking for a forever partner in fetch? Give us a call to learn more about this cutie pie!

Hello everyone, Lexi here.  I wanted to update my resume with some new information:

  • I ride in the car nicely, (after a bit of help getting in). I like to sit or stand to look out the window and am a very quiet passenger.
  • Although I am the queen of playing fetch, I also am a very good hiking companion. I love to discover all the smells, and as a dog, I do enjoy some of the smells the human that accompanies me finds disgusting.  I am on a long line when I am hiking and have very good recall when I hear “Come, Lexi”!
  • On my hiking outings, I like to meet other hikers and let them say hello to me. I have been passed by mountain bikers and don’t pay any attention to them, they go by too fast to give me any pets.  Although I enjoy seeing deer, and will stop to look at them with my ears perked, I don’t have any intention of trying to engage them in a game of chase.  That being said, I do love chasing those rascally squirrels.  I just can’t help myself!
  • Let’s be honest, I do love treats. The human that hikes with me has a bag of treats in her pocket.  She is a bit stingy on how many she gives me, so I look really cute  to see if I can get one more!
  • My favorite thing (after treats) is a good VBR. A VBR is a vigorous butt rub.  I will wiggle and waggle and be very cute.
  • I am a perfect size dog, not too small, but not too big. I am the perfect size to fit into your car or front of your truck.  I wouldn’t take up much room on a comfy bed in front of the fire.
  • Most of all, I would love to find my forever home. MCPAWS is taking great care of me and I love all the staff there, but I would like to be home for the Holidays.   

Breed:  Red Heeler

Age: 7 Years

Gender: Female

Color: Red & White

Weight: 45 pounds

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Puppies: $200 - $300
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