Life-Saving Statistics

At MCPAWS, we believe that every animal counts. We track each animal that comes through our door following national guidelines, and by using a professional database. All of this information is also recorded each month in Shelter Animals Count, a national shelter database project. 


MCPAWS is a no-kill animal shelter, which means we will never euthanize healthy, adoptable animals for space. When space becomes an issue, we work with a dedicated team of foster parents and other rescue organizations to transfer or house animals until they are adopted.



MCPAWS adopted 305 animals out in 2016, and finished the year with a 97.9% save rate of adoptable animals. We returned 156 stray animals to their owners, and transferred 109 animals to other rescue organizations.  



In 2015, MCPAWS adopted out 362 animals, and finished the year with a 98.5% save rate for all adoptable animals. We retuned 141 stray animals to their owners, and transferred 11 animals to other rescue organizations. 


* Save rate is calculated by subtracting the number of un-adoptable animals from adoptable animals and dividing that number by the total number of animals. Un-adoptable animals are animals who are have been determined to be dangerous due to extreme behavioral issues, and those with serious medical conditions who must be humanly euthanized.