You’ll help a homeless cat or dog find a new home.

We are fortunate to care for many wonderful and adoptable cats and dogs. While they arrive at our doorstep due to a variety of circumstances – surrendered, abandoned, homeless or neglected – each one deserves a loving home.

You’ll adopt a healthy pet.

At MCPAWS, we follow strict medical and safety protocols including:

   complete medical examinations when an animal comes into to the shelter

   administer at least one set of vaccinations and de-worming

   spay or neuter and registered microchipping of every animal before adoption

   screen animals for specific temperaments and behaviors to facilitate successful adoption matches

   provide thirty days of prepaid pet health insurance policy through Shelter Care

You’ll support our community

With close to 6000 adoptions over the past 13 years, you’ll find there are many MCPAWS cats and dogs living the good life they deserve in our community. Your adoption helps promote responsible pet ownership, and encourages other individuals to consider bringing a MCPAWS animal into their life.

You’ll save money

When you add up the fees for medical care, vaccines, de-worming, spay or neuter, microchipping, free engraved tag, collar, goodie bag of useful information and coupons, and more, it’s at least $380.00 for dogs and $200 for cats.

Yet our adoption fees are modest.

   Dogs and puppies range from $80 - $200 depending on age, breed, and adoptability.

   Cats and kittens range from $30-$40

   Senior cats and dogs over the age of eight are 50% off the regular adoption fee.

Please see each individual dog and cat descriptions for specific adoption fees.

All adoption fees are subject to change.